Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Poo, Hilda and Misery headed off on a hike at Trondheim which suited Hilda who just loved the blueberries and cloudberries.  The clouds descended upon the hilltop, altough it was not a white out like at Andalsnes.  After returning to the ship for lunch, they headed off to downtown Trondheim on foot as P&O have now introduced a fee for the shuttle of £12 for the return trip.


Poo enjoyed the sailaway party, but did not stay up to see the midnight sunmidnight sun

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Poo was still in quarantine and misery headed off alone on the tour from Andalsnes at the head of the Romsdalsfjord to see the Valley of the Trolls and a switch back road over the mountains. 

Poo and Hilda did not miss anything at the mountain pass as it was covered in clouds and thick fog.  Misery was pleased to find that Poo had been released from captivity at 1030 and had enjoyed the day on board ship. 

They enjoyed the evening sail away together

Monday, July 14, 2014


Poo was unwell overnight and the doctor put her in quarantine and confined her to the cabin. Mrs Hilda Bear stayed on board to keep her company whilst misery went off for a trip from Olden to the Glacier on his own.  Misery reckoned she had consumed too much red wine, but the dressed crab for lunch had possibly upset her.

 There were plenty of waterfalls on the way up to the glacier, and some nice cakes for the journey back

The glacier has been receeding for the past 1,000,000 years, since the earth started to warm after the ice age.

Misery enjoyed fine cuisine and company for supper with a whole bottle of wine to himself whilst Poo stayed in the cabin with Hilda enduring hospital food.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Busy Plans for the First Day at Sea

A busy schedule was planned for the first day at sea.  Aerobics at 10am for Poo whilst Misery went to art classes, followed by spanish lessons at 12.  The overslept and almost missed breakfast.  A new dining card awaited them in the post for the second sitting, table size 8, and misery was happier bear.

Mrs Bear heard it was a formal dress and put on a bow tie

The sun was shining and breakfast was AlFresco overlooking the wake of the ship.  Poo went to pilates, then Spanish lessons followed by lunch Misery went tom the art lessons after lunch, which was really good value, and cam back with a picture for Poo to hang on the wall before the formal dinner with Captain Cook.

Mrs Bear could not reach the wine

Poo and misery head off to dinner with the captain

All Aboard

Misery and poo set off early not wanting to repeat the stress of last year when they left it too late and almost missed the boat. Misery's new TomTom was playing up and had decided during her sleep to switch to local search only.  Southampton was more than 6 miles away and the destination was not found. Misery was angry and stressed having bought this TomTom for this journey, but eventually found the settings and the destination was set

They boarded as soon as they arrived and were on deck at the BBQ lunch for 1230 pending cabin access.

Shock Horror! Poo declared their worst nightmare on arrival in the cabin.  A card for the 1st sitting and table for 8.  Misery was annoyed because P&O have changed their policy for the Gateway fares and no longer allowed preferences to be suggested for table size and sitting and tables are now pre-allocated.  They headed off to the restaurant and joined a long queue which did not get any shorter as the compulsory life jacket drill approached. 

Poo did suggest that most people wanted the early sitting and they would always be able to swop. They were added to a waiting list. and skulked off to take advantage of the free champaigne offered to Atlantic club members at the sailaway, followed by a snooze on the solent by which time it was too late to wash or change for the 1st sitting. This was exactly why they did not want the early sitting, and Misery became angry and refused to eat at 630pm

Misery decided the best solution was to pay extra to eat in the Marco Pierre White inspired select restaurant at a time of their choice, on a table for 2.  It was a very pleasant end to a stressful day, and misery decided that this was the long term solution, although Poo felt she was giving into P&O

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Bears Annual AGM

The bears had become tired of sitting around and heard that Misery and poo were heading off to the Fjords.  The annual AGM was called to decide who was to go.

 Herman felt that he was the most experienced traveller and he should go,  Mrs Angus Bear blamed Herman for the loss of Angus,  Misery explained that polar bears were more appropriate for the arctic circle, and Poo put her foot down and said Herman could not go.
She was a little concerned because she had heard that bears can be turned to stone in the land of the trolls.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Angus' Scottish Widow

Well, who would believe it! 

Following an office desk clear out, it would appear that Angus has left a blonde Scottish Widow Bear who is keen to join Misery and Poo on their next cruise to the Arctic on Oriana. 

Best not tell Herman, as he was hoping to step into Angus's shoes.  It is sure to cause an outrage in the bear den.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Angus The Bear, Lost at Sea, June 3rd 2013

The bears were gathered on the black ash shelf in the bear den to learn where Hermann had been for the past few weeks, and were shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of Angus at sea on 3rd June.  All eyes were upon Hermann.

Hermann explained that Misery and Pooh had done as much as they could to find Angus,  and had asked almost daily at the reception desk.   It did not help when Hermann explained that he may have been found and then incinerated, or he may still be bobbing about in the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of feet above the seabed.

None of the other bears could bear to hear the news.  The big bear of Scotland growled "How can Angus have a blog, if Angus is lost?"   The Koala's could not grasp the implications of Angus being lost as he normally sat behind the clock opposite them,  and climbed a few feet to their normal perch in the stairwell.

Herman had to console the blue rinsed bear. She did not appreciate it when he said he had seen a few old ladies with blue tinted hair on the boat.

Pooh and Misery went out for a beer and left them to it.

The search for Angus begins.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday 16th June 2013 - Misery's Birthday

Misery was miserable as it was his birthday. Sunday 16th June 2013.

The captain of Azura kindly sent him a card, but Misery was very miserable all day.  He remembered his 18th Birthday also fell on a Sunday, and he could not celebrate as he started work at 0600 the following Monday.  This year,39 years later,  he could not celebrate either as he was getting kicked off the ship in the early hours of Monday morning and had to drive back home where the bears would be waiting for news of Hermann and Angus.

He packed the cases to disembark, but fell asleep amid the clothing laid on the bed whilst Pooh went to see a Strictly event.   The crew offered to sing him an after dinner song to cheer him up, but he was too miserable to accept their kind offer.  The very pleasant couple from the cabin and table next door also very kindly sent him a card, but Pooh gave him the cruise and door card to carry for on-board expenses.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gibraltar 14th June 2013

Misery was very miserable,  but Pooh thought that the Spanish Government and Border agents were the most miserable of all.

The prebooked trip from Gibraltar to white washed villages in Spain was cancelled due to Spanish Government policy making passengers walk 2km to the closest bus station after the passport control, effectively closing the border to EU tourists entering from Gibraltar.   Whilst the more fit and able might be able to walk the 2km to the first permitted bus stop on Spanish soil,   this policy discriminates against the less mobile who are not able to walk 2km.  Hermann was glad he did not have to walk that far.

Misery explained to Hermann that the Spanish Border agency staff were all safe in their jobs, whilst the normal people of Spain suffered 26% unemployment., and poor wages if they were paid at all.

Misery was however realistic, and whilst he thought P&O should respond with a reduction in calls to all Spanish ports, as there are some alternative welcoming ports of call in Morocco that could be easily substituted for Cartagena,  or Lisbon for more northerlay spanish ports, the normal people of Spain would suffer as a result of their Governments non-democratic attitude to a democratic decision of the people of Gibraltar.

Hermann pointed out that Angus had jumped ship near the site where the Royal Navy beat the Spanish at Trafalgar on the outbound journey, and was concerned that he he was caught or may be found and tortured by the Spanish.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 days at Sea

Another two days, busy doing nothing at sea

After breakfast, Pooh went off to a weight loss seminar, but Hermann & Misery did not bother as they already knew the answer - eat less, drink less wine, drink less beer,  and do more exercise.  Hermann & Misery considered the feedback, and decided feeding more was a good plan, but noted that Pooh skipped the starter and opted for only two courses instead of the normal three course lunch

 After dinner, Hermann found another friend to play with.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Malta 11th June

After watching the captain rotate the ship  to berth in the Grand Harbour,  Hermann headed off to see the ancient city of Medina with the soon to be ancient Misery.   Misery took a picture of  Pooh chewing her tongue. Perhaps she was missing the tongue salad lunch offered on board ship?

Back in Valletta, Misery thought that Pooh was going to unwittingly walk past M&S for a change and photographed the event.  However, he somehow still ended up in the shop.

The wind was blowing on Deck 19 whilst Misery practiced his newly acquired  skills to use the camera properly, but he was concerned that Pooh might be blown overboard too.

As the sun set over the bow of Azura,  Misery and Pooh went to the onboard shops where Pooh asked the other bears on board if they had seen Angus.   Paddington said  he would keep his head up.

After the show, Pooh heard that Thumper was still on board after all, but Misery had drunk too much by then for Thumper to keep him awake.