Saturday, October 18, 2014

The End
Angus Bear RIP

Hermann bear now has his own blog at

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hermann's Suggestion for a Romantic Dinner Engagement

Misery is looking forward to going home to see Pooh after so many weeks away from the den in Kinver. 23 days away from Pooh so far. Hermann suggested Pooh might like to come to New York, and suggested the nice Italian on 51st might be a nice place to bring her, especially if he can join them!

Misery said that Pooh was annoyed with Hermann for stowing away, and the Scottish widow bear was deeply upset that Hermann had lynched Angus' blog.  It was therefore not guaranteed that Hermann would be returning to New York. In any case, he had seen everything he wanted to see and could tell her all about it when he got home.

Hermann decided to put forward a stronger case, especially as he has lived in a strong spectacle case for most of the time in New York.  He felt that Pooh might also like L'Ecole on Broadway, where Misery and Hermann had enjoyed a nice brunch cooked by trainee chefs, especially as Timberland was just next door where she might enjoy some shopping? Misery agreed that Pooh does like her shopping, but gets a lot of enjoyment from shopping on line these days, which would save carriage charges. Indeed, moving heavy old bears with expensive tastes does not come cheap.

Hermann felt he was losing the debate, and pointed out that Pooh liked a large piece of meat, nothing was small in New York, and she could tuck into a nice big steak.

Misery agreed, but said she can get that at home too, as The Butchery had wonderful meat,  and the size of the steak in New York would normally be more than sufficient for the two of them, and they do not charge carriage either.

Hermann gave up, and climbed back into his spectacle case for the night

Stars and Sun at The top of the Rock

Hermann pointed out that the Club Quarters den was in directly in front of the man with the red shirt taking the picture, just to the left of 75 Rockerfeller Plaza,  The 25th floor of the hotel seemed a bit low compared to the surrounding buildings, and the den was 20 floors below that.